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A roof should fulfill its function for many decades.
Immer mehr Dächer werden schon nach wenigen Jahren undicht - warum?

1) Viele Fehler entstehen bereits in der Planungsphase...
2) Andere in der Ausführung
3) oder der Materialauswahl...

Ich entwickle und teste für viele Hersteller Produkte für Steildächer und begleite diese bis zur Zertifizierung!

material development

Developing a new material in the areas of underlay, underlay and underroof membranes or modifying an existing material is a very complex process. Here, the right test and inspection procedures play a very important role in advance.

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Objectively determining the cause of damage creates clarity and security! Here we distinguish:
a) for builders
b) for the craft

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Well-founded knowledge about the materials, their production and assembly helps with planning, in sales or serves the craft. My training offer covers my field of work and can be individually adapted to your target group.

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About me

From journeyman roofers to specialist dealers to experts and consultants.

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